Nailing a Job Interview in Person

Nailing a Job Interview in Person

The employment market is one in which the employers have the upper hand. They put out a notice of a position of employment and potentially get 100 applications. This is just a standard estimated guess but a very real number in how many people you will be competing with just to get a job. In freelancer jobs, instantly 50 applications pop up on the app or website. You have to stand out in this crowd or could go jobless for quite a while. Do not worry, we are going to give you 10 tips for nailing a job interview in person.

Who Are You Working For?

If you applied for many positions at many companies, you better make sure you have the one you are interviewing for straight. It can be very tacky and awkward if you start talking about another companies statistics and don’t have your facts straight about where you currently are.. You also want to be able to answer questions based on how much you studied the company. You should be looking on the Internet on their Facebook, Instagram and Linked in profiles to see what kind of place that you will be working for and what they do. You want to make sure you are confident and up for it the job at hand. For example, what kind of products do use your company offer or are they a service oriented business. You don’t want to go into a job not knowing whether you are doing a sales position or if you are working to get a job as a hostess at a restaurant. If you have applied for more than multiple positions then you want to make sure you are studying them all so you do not get them mixed up. “Wait which job is this?” Will make it look like you will take anything and are desperate and do not have the experience for the job at hand. Show that you put time and effort into this and that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Be Excited

This is something that is very important. You want to show some enthusiasm about the company that you are applying for. Tell them how much you love their product and that you know about it and use it in some manner if you do. If you haven’t used it, learn about it and show enthusiasm about any type of job that you apply for, even holiday season jobs that you don’t plan to have forever, be grateful and excited for having a chance to earn some money.

Be Beyond Prepared

You may be curious if you should bring anything with you to your job interview. The answer is an overwhelming yes. Look ready to work right now. Bring these things with you.
● Copies of your unique and well written resume. They may not have yours at hand.This shows your quick on your toes.
● References of contact information from former employers
● Folder just to show you are ready to receive materials and have your work bag and folders with a notebook as well.
● Your professionally designed business cards detailing your desired job title and important contact information.
● Samples and portfolios of what your best work is in the line of work you’re applying for.

What to Wear to an Interview

You want to dress appropriately for the interview and job at hand. If you were going to a job for a cashier at a retail store, you may be able to dress a little more casually but always look professional with at least wearing very clean clothes that are comfortable to be in a public space at and look appropriate for the position at hand. It totally is different depending depending on the job what you would wear. Entry-level positions within an office type company you want to wear business slacks and a business type shirt and jacket. Higher-level positions require you to want to have a nice business suit that is your interview suit and best moments suit that you have. It is the one you only wear to meet big executives and go to job interviews. For women, it can be more difficult than just throwing on a suit like a man can. You have to go look through your clothes and see what an employer would like to see. You want to make sure that your skirt is not sure that it is near the knee and that you are covered up and tap. Make sure your makeup is not under done or overstated. It is a balance look of some basic eye makeup and lipstick that does not stand out too much but looks professional. Use discretion when dressing based on the type of Job industry that you are applying for.

Timely Arrival Means Instant Brownie points

Now this is extremely important, do not ever try to arrive late to an interview. Even if it is just five minutes you have really changed your impression on the employer immediately. It is going to take so many good things that you have to do to erase this one very important no no of being late. Always give yourself extra time when you are applying for a new job. There could be a train coming there in a road that you have to pass to get to your interview, there could be extra traffic from an event in town, anything can happen. Give yourself an extra 25 to 30 minutes to be able to check out your environment and leave that 15 minutes for arriving time and 15 minutes of being in the office time early. This will really stand out being 15 minutes early to your interview.

Enter the Room with Good Posture and Invigorating Stance

You want to enter a room confidently but never being cocky just show that you are confident in who you are and in the position you are applying for. Using a lot of eye contact will show them that you are honest and trustworthy and that you look and listen. Always show them that respect. Make sure to sit up straight and have your posture showing a professional stance as well. These are just little things that are noticed. You never get a second chance to make a first impression is a true statement.

Listening Skills

If this is a job you have been looking for yes you are going to be excited and happy to be there. You will also want to hear your own voice asking questions. You want to refrain from being overwhelming or looking like you are trying to run the show right out the gate. You want to listen to what they say intently and respond when they ask “ if you have any questions,” this is your time to ask whatever it is that you want to ask.

Show them you understand what they are telling you

You basically want to reiterate what they asked you to show that you have been listening. They will test you at certain points to see if you are really paying attention to everything they are saying. They will pull out the smallest detail if they are a really great interviewer to see if you were paying attention.

Cell phone is a No No

This is one of those things you think is common sense but should be brought up is that do not bring yourself phone with you on vibrate and on loud. Make sure it is completely silent or off during your interview. Do not even be seen on it in the waiting room. Sit there quietly. This shows that you can listen and have restraint with all the interesting things that go on around us every day.

Be on Clear on Examples

You will be asked questions about your background and different stories that you may have to highlight why you would be good at this specific position you’re applying for. You want to have examples of when you showed a lot of experience in a specific area and how you help the client or customer because of your unique skill set. This will show you them that you were prepared to tell them your better qualities and you can also be honest about one or two qualities that are not the greatest so that you don’t sound too cocky employers do ask what your character defects are. Always answer them honestly but say I’m improving greatly because I’m working hard to change myself. Nobody is perfect and it is not expected, but see your faults and change them.

Ask Questions

Never be a motor mouth but when they ask you a question, if you have any questions, this is your time to ask whatever you want to ask. It may be at the end or you will be asked some questions in the beginning, followed by what they tell you about the job and what you will be doing and the pay and things like that. If they miss out on anything you can always ask.