Top 10 non programming jobs for computer science graduates

Top 10 non programming jobs for computer science graduates

Dont like programming, no problem. You can still make it in through the matrix.
You wonder how, lets see whats out there.

When I was a kid, I loved history and I wanted to do something related to history and then as I grew I found passion in music. I wanted to be a musician, well finally I had a choice to make when I hit college, I really did not know where I stood or what I wanted, so finally as everyone does, I followed what my parents asked me to do and followed a career path that was more or less stable, get a job and work my work up all my life.. But then, I though is this what I truly want or I am just getting carried away with what others are saying I should be. I never knew...and here we are. Programming!

Programming is outstanding if you love to code, debug, and solve problems and the adrenaline rush you get when you solved that logic. That’s just beyond words. But again, programming is not everyone. Some people like me may find their true calling to something else other than programming, not because you hate it, but just because you like something else better than this.

Just because you majored in computer science doesn’t mean you have to be a programmer and learn Java. Your knowledge of computers, technical depth will help grow in the IT sector faster than others and you can use it to grow yourself in what you love.

The list below is not comprehensive, it’s a starting point, if you like something from this list, go one and explore more about it, the internet is full of information…more than is needed..:)

So here are the top 10 professions in software engineering for entry level jobs that don’t require programming listed based on earning potential/projected salary.

  1. Project Manager: if you simply like to manage the work of others and not do the work yourself, project management could be for you.
    Pay scale for entry level role: $72,240 per year.


  1. ERP Functional Consultant: If you are good at memorizing information and you can apply it when needed, this could be your career (the main players are Oracle and SAP, breaking into this field is a bit tough than other ones in the list as it requires some level of expertise before large enterprises trust you with multimillion dollar projects).
    Pay scale for enter level role (SAP): $68,006 per year | Oracle: $48,412 per year


  1. Business Analyst: If you are good at making sure everything that is need is there and it aligns well with the goals, then this job might be your true calling. If you are scratching your head right now :) …you are not alone… I just spoke to you like a business analyst. This is how these dudes talk in the business world. So what the heck I am really saying… ok, let’s say your family has planned a vacation, if you can make sure that everyone in your family has what they need packed and ready to go, like toothbrush, towels, clothes, headphones, iPhone etc. and if you can make sure everyone wakes up on time and catch the flight and not miss it and you can plan the trip from getting a cab, getting your boarding pass, eating breakfast and finally catching the flight as planned. If you can connect all these integration points well, then business analysis is for you.
    Pay scale for entry level role: $65,017 per year


  1. Product Manager: If you are constantly thinking on how you can make something better, think small things like, how do I make this microwave better or how can I make a better version of the iPhone, then Product Manager could be for you.
    Pay scale for entry level role: $64,262 per year.


  1. Data Analyst: if you like to snoop around the web, find what others are doing and make connections to what they are up to now. Data analyst could be a role for you. But be mindful this role requires heavy SQL (it’s a language to access, retrieve data form databases). It’s not programming per say, but still something that needs to be learnt.
    Pay scale for enter level role: $55,754 per year


  1. Software testing: If you are good at spotting the difference, then software testing could be for you. But be mindful, there is a related stream of software testing called automation, which requires you do coding. But you may not be doing it 40 hrs a week, more like 30-40% of the time.
    Pay scale for enter level role: $50,288 per year.


  1. Technical Writer: If you love writing assignments, then technical writer role could suit you. 90% of the job is documenting.
    Pay scale for enter level role: $50,567 per year


  1. User Interface designer: If you like graphics, multimedia, then this job is for you. You will be designing and deciding how a web page looks like to the user. Heavy photoshop and other graphic design tools are used.
    Pay scale for enter level role: $45,000 per year


  1. Online Marketing Content Writer: If you have ever convinced your sister, brother or a friend to do anything that wasn’t their decision, then this job maybe for you. You can influence others and write about it this is for you. Be mindful, this role does require you to do some HTML and CSS.
    Pay scale for enter level role: $41,755 per year


  1. IT Support Specialist: if you are good at fixing computers and have ever fixed your neighbors virus problems, this maybe the career choice of your life. This requires some certification to be complete though, like CompTIA.
    Pay scale for enter level role: $41,681 per year